Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Genesee Valley Plein Air Painters Art Show

Friday, January 7, 2011

Books, ETC.

You are cordially invited to an open reception for the new art exhibit of the work of

Doris Britt, Amy Crawford, and John Cieslinski

January 15, 2011, 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Books, ETC.
78 W. Main St.
Macedon NY 14502

Writers and Books

Event One -- Saturday 1/8 :  3-10 -- Writers and Books, University Ave.
If you like poetry, I hope you will consider attending the Writers and
Books' open house on Saturday which is celebrating their 30th anniversary.

Poetry, Potluck and Pinot !
This is free, and marks the kick-off for celebrating 30 years of W&B, and if
the spirit moves, bring a dish to pass or a  bottle of Pinot (noir, grigio,
gris, etc.) in a sharing poetry, food and wine.
Invite your friends – the more, the merrier.
Here is the current schedule for readings: (more poets are being added all
the time)
4 p.m.:  M.J. Iuppa, Sally Bittner-Bonn, Michael Czarnecki, Linda Allardt
5 p.m.: Jim Longenbach, David Michael Nixon, Donna Marbach, Wanda Schubmehl
6 p.m.: Kitty Jospe, Wendy Low, Anne Coon, Vincent Golphin
7 p.m.: Pat Schwartz, Sam Abrams, Sarah Freligh, Karen VanMeenen, Norm
8 p.m.: John Roche, Aaron Fagan, Charles Cote
9 p.m.: Henry Padron, Rick Petrie

Event Two:  Saturday 1/15:  2-3:30, Pittsford Community Library
Come for a free presentation by Miriam Lerner of the video, she and Don
Feigel of RIT directed, "The Heart of the Hydrogen Jukebox".  You might have
heard me explain one of the episodes of Ginsberg reading "Howl" to deaf
students and asking how the interpreter signed "Heart of Hydrogen Jukebox"
-- and how the intricacies of translation go beyond signs into total body
gesture.  Only 6% of a message comes from actual words -- and this film and
Miriam's talk will provide a variety of performance and literary styles of
Free, and followed by refreshments, so the library asks that you rsvp -- or
let me know, as I arranged for the event.

Bruno Chalifour <>

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crossroads of the Community: Rochester Pubic Market

This photography exhibit by Margaret W. Miyake will be on display at St. John Fisher College’s Lavery Library beginning January 7 until February 25, 2011.

There will be an opening reception and talk on Thursday, January 20, from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m., which is open to the public.

Miyake began photographing at the market in 2006, and this exhibit showcases all of the unique aspects of the market, which was voted America’s Favorite Farmer’s Market in 2010. The theme of the exhibit will be incorporated into one of Dr. David Baranov’s sociology classes in the spring semester.

In addition to photographing at the market, she has also photographed several of the farmers at their farms. Her work has been exhibited at the Community Darkroom, the High Falls Gallery, and the Link Gallery at City Hall. Find out more about Miyake at her blog,

ABG at the Williams Gallery this year


Preliminary Info:
Hanging the exhibit - Wednesday, June 22, 9am - 2pm
Opening reception - Friday, June 24 - hours to be determined by ABG
Taking down the exhibit - Tuesday, August 23 9am - 12pm

The exhibiting fee will be $15/person, and we'll probably be able to hang two or three works per artist.

Our exhibit will be titled "Time and Place"

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ACCRGR's "Regional Cultural Strategy"

Greetings, creative & cultural colleagues.

For next Tuesday’s meeting, Jan. 11th, simply awareness of the Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester’s recent community survey:

"Regional Cultural Strategy."

A copy is available on-line at: Regional Cultural Strategy_WebVersion.pdf

I will also be bringing a hard copy to circulate, and 2011 facilitator D.G. Adams will be bringing my second copy to circulate at the meeting.
(Bausch & Lomb cafeteria as usual.)

See you then.
be Well, be creative - smile & go Forth!

         ~  JB : )

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mike Hammer greets the winter holidays, or "A Fist Full of Snow", 10 of 10

10 of 10
But now with the body, there was also Finsterstein and a long shadow in the room as the sunless December day ended early. A long night lay ahead, cold like the corpse and winter to come. No stocking for the stiff, he thought. If he wanted a cozy chat there was Santa at Macy’s. The broken glass on the floor from his window on tomorrow reflected shards of streetlight. He buried his hand in the desk drawer, pulled out the shot glass and poured a stiff one.

                ~ Fin
                                                (c) 2010 J.B. Fletcher

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


As an answer to a request that was made this morning: the latest retrospective book on André Kertész published by the Jeu de Paume is simply titled: "Kertész".
360 pages, well-documented and illustrated, for the first time showing reproduction of Kertész's publications in the weekly illustrated press of the 1930s, with an extensive biography and bibliography. I just got mine in English from
["Le Jeu de Paume" is the name of the National Center for Photography in Paris]


Mike Hammer greets the winter holidays, or "A Fist Full of Snow", part 9

9 of 10     Exiting at Gun Hill Rd., they  went aways then turned into the burger joint’s parking lot.  The two overhead neon street lights were white like the little building.   It happened fast.   A .32 automatic snapped twice, a third time.  He leapt from the car seat, but it was over.  He couldn’t help the tear.

                                                          (c) 2010 J.B. Fletcher

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mike Hammer greets the winter holidays, or "A Fist Full of Snow", part 8

8 of 10   From the open window, he saw his car disappear in the swirling snow. She left a track that slammed him with a long-lost memory. He saw them years ago driving down the Bronx River Parkway on a warm fall night, the top down on the sport coupe. They passed Woodlawn Cemetery in the darkness, and laughed as they headed to the all-night burger joint.

                                                        ;- )  (c) 2010 J.B. Fletcher

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mike Hammer greets the winter holidays, or "A Fist Full of Snow", parts 6 & 7

6 of  9   She didn’t come by often, but when she did, Hammer had a soft spot for helping.  Sure she could borrow his wheels for a weekend in Pocantico Hills.  He preferred the city sidewalks  anyway, and had black tie plans for the evening at the Metropolitan Club. 

7 of 9    From his winter coat  by the door, he tossed her the keys to the Sky Hawk.  He preferred its nimbleness to the front-heavy Golden Hawk.  “The tank’s full.  Be good to me, babe.  Be good to me.”  She ran her hand down his sleeve, gave him a wink & his hand a soft squeeze.  A key dropped to the floor.

                                                                        (c)  2010  J.B. Fletcher, as always ;-)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mike Hammer greets the winter holidays, or "A Fist Full of Snow", parts 4-5

 She came into his office like a tropical breeze on a warm, sandy beach.  The steam radiator let off a whistle by the open window.  She smiled, “Who’s the fresh one here, you or the radiator?  I haven’t gotten that treatment in years.”  Hammer put the shot glass into the open drawer behind the desk. 

 The black satin shift that hugged her could not have had a better occupant.  He moved like a panther from behind the desk.  His hand slide around the back of her neck, under her soft dark hair.  They kissed hard.

J. B. Fletcher 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mike Hammer greets the winter holidays, or "A Fist Full of Snow"

      Mike Hammer greets the winter holidays, "A Fist Full of Snow"

In the snow, traffic inched along the city street like a broken Bloomingdale’s escalator at Christmas. Mike Hammer clenched a stogie in his teeth & the steering wheel like a Chinese butcher with a cleaver working hard at lunch time. All the others were little Southern grannies new to the drifting dust, snow crystals glimmering in the evening headlights. Hands clasped behind his head, he gunned the car in neutral.

Against the cold wind, Finsterstein shuffled roughly through unshoveled sidewalk snows. He was in hurry to reach Hammer’s midtown office. The air bit his face like a yapping terrier. Woman & children with holiday gift packages keep appearing in his path like obstacles at a target range. His hand tightened on the gold pendant in his coat pocket. He had to have the answer, yesterday. Hammer would help he hoped.

He threw open the office door on the third floor, his cheeks flush from climbing the stairs. Hammer was there, feet up on the desk, the window open to the December snow and the Frigidaire air conditioner blowing. He snatched the gatt from the desk top, then spun the cylinder. Finsterstein dug his hands deeper in his wet trench coat. "Howya been, Mike? I see you still like it in the cooler."

 ;- )                                                   (c) 2010 J.B. Fletcher

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter photography classes at Community Darkroom


      Enjoy a wide array of photography classes starting January 18th at Community Darkroom, a program of Genesee Center for the Arts and Education at 713 Monroe Ave. Classes range from beginners through advanced, using traditional, digital and historical processes.

     Start the new year off right! Learn to use your new camera, learn to process film and make prints in a black and white darkroom, design a website or venture back in time with a historic process. Choose a class that delves into the business end of photography, learn creative lighting techniques, sports photography, Photoshop, Illustrator and more! Whether you are making photography your career, are interested in the art of photography, or would just like to improve your family snapshots, we have a class for you. 

    For a complete listing of classes offered please visit our website at Registrations are being accepted now.  Call 271-5920 with questions or for a free brochure. Registration can be taken over the phone using visa or mastercard. Class fees range from $25 -$195. Classes are discounted for members of Genesee Center for the Arts & Education. Pre-registration is required for all classes.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Parks

High Falls Art Gallery
Hometown Gallery for Rochester Area Artists
Our Parks
Sunday December 5, thru January 7, 2011

And in the museum, a retrospective solo exhibit honoring the champion of parks, wetlands, and native species
Christine Sevilla

Her lens. Her favorites.
Preview of works to be sold at auction to benefit Sevilla Nature Trail

Public Reception Sunday December 5, 2010 3-6pm
Music by the Jazz Duo, Reilly Taylor-Cook and Hershel Mikel
Through January 7, 2010

60 Browns Race, Rochester, NY 14614 Information 585.325.2030
2 Blocks East of Frontier Field & Kodak Tower

Corner of Platt Street & the Genesee River Accessible and friendly to all
Wed – Fri 10 am – 5 pm Sat 12 noon – 6 pm Sun 1 pm – 5 pm Closed Mon & Tue

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friends of Friends Photography Auction December 7


During a series of photography trips to Cambodia's Angkor Wat monuments, internationally acclaimed photographer Kenro Izu was deeply affected by his encounters with often ill, malnournished, and disfigured children. As a symbol of his gratitude for the profound artistic inspiration he received from Cambodia's historical treasures, Izu committed himself to building a pediatric hospital to provide desperately needed healthcare for its children...its future.

Friends Without A Border (Friends), a non-profit organization, was founded by Izu in 1996 to manage the project. With the help of an international board of healthcare professionals, the art community, and over 5,000 supporters worldwide, Friends opened Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) in 1999.

ABG's own Wendy Sacks has a print as part of this prestigious auction, and her piece will be part of the silent auction collection. See:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

From Thomas Warfield

  The 10th Anniversary
          PeaceArt World AIDS Day Benefit Concert

    December 1st @ 7:30pm
     Hochstein Performance Hall   50 N. Plymouth Ave. 

Tickets $10                                      
              Equal=Grounds Coffee House           Outlandish Videos & Gifts              Parkleigh
                            750 South Ave.                          274 N. Goodman St.                   215 Park Ave.

Tickets can also be purchased with Paypal @

For 10 years the World AIDS Day Benefit Concerts were designed to extend our compassion to children in other lands – orphaned children afflicted with and affected by HIV/AIDS.  Our collective efforts have supported hundreds of children in Kenya, Romania, India, Brazil, China, Thailand and children here in Rochester.  Our mission has been to entertain our audience along with inspiring broader thinking and engaging their hearts.

Performers include: Students from School #58, RIT/NTID Dance Company,  singers Scott Ginett & Donna Accorso, Nazareh College vocal studnet Waiton Farrell, Futurpoint Dance Company,  ASL poets Patrick Graybill & Eddie Swayze, and Bush Mango. Congesswoman Louise Slaughter receives a special PeaceArt Creative Spirit Award. University of Rochester Dr. Michael Keefer will receive the International Visitor Leadership Award frm the US State Department.  All Proceeds from this year’s event  support the Countrywide Uncedo Lwabantu Projects & Health Services in Alexandra Township, South Africa.

PeaceArt International, Inc. is a not-for-profit local/global outreach organization utilizing the arts and the creative process to build community, nurture greater human understanding and foster world peace.

  P.O. Box 40028, Rochester, NY 14604

Sponsored in part by:
Rochester Victory Alliance and the University of Rochester Medical Center,

Center for AIDS Research

World Aids Day Art Exhibit

Empire State College, 1475 Winton Road North
Phone 224-3200.

The exhibit is open during regular college hours. 

Note: Helen Demay has a painted collage in this exhibit
commemorating US visual artists who have died of aids.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

ABG Holiday/Winter themed exhibit

The final Garden Cafe Gallery exhibit of 2010:

a Holiday/Winter themed exhibit
hosted by The Artists Breakfast Group

Opening Reception:
Friday, November 19th, 6-8pm

Exhibit runs through January 4, 2011

The Pieters Family Life Center
1025 Commons Way, Rochester, NY
(585) 487-3500

Open Monday-Friday: 6:30 a.m. - 9 p.m.; Saturday: 6:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

From North, head south on Route 590, then south on Route 390.  Take exit 14B E. Henrietta Rd. Turn left onto E. Henrietta Rd.  At the second traffic light (Castle Rd.) turn left.  Turn left onto Commons Way. The PFLC is located next to the Canandaigua National Bank.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Gala at Anderson Alley

If you missed our grand opening one-night-only art exhibit in November, we cordially invite you to our Second Showing of "Boots and Shoes: Variations on a Theme" at our building's annual Holiday Gala in December! Four floors of art studios and galleries will be open for this festive First Friday and First Saturday event! Great place to enjoy holiday cheer and buy art for your gift list!

The Shoe Factory Art Co-op
250 N. Goodman St.
Art Studios 212 & 215 (second floor)
Rochester, NY 14607

Dates and Times:
First Friday, Dec. 3rd from 5pm-9pm
First Saturday, Dec. 4th from 11am-5pm

Beth Brown, Russ Lunn, Heather Erwin, and Jim Mott

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Corn Hill Holiday Tour of Homes

We Keep Adding Tickets,
and Still They're in Short Supply

So this will be your last shot at tickets to the Corn Hill Holiday Tour of Homes. We've been through a round of adding tickets to try and assuage demand, and it's not worked well at all. You folks still keep buying them! Follow this link to snag yours. This year's series of tours promises homes not seen in previous years, an expanded tour complete with appropriate holiday refreshments, and some of the most beautiful houses you're likely to see this season, all in the oldest residential area in Rochester.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Art For Peace


I am passing along this information even though, as you read on, you will see that it is not current.  It has come to my attention that the project is ongoing, and artists throughout the world are invited to participate. In fact, the “black box” containing the instructions has arrived in Rochester.  If it is of interest to the group, I can arrange to have it presented at a Tuesday morning meeting.

It is my understanding that there is no financial requirement to participate.  When your project is finished, the box is sent on to another artist.

The goal is to have participation in every nation in the world. I am seriously considering doing one myself. I do not have all the answers, but the box comes with an explanatory CD. If anyone, or the group, is interested I can be reached at:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Missing Peace: Artists Consider The Dalai Lama: is an international art exhibition and educational project celebrating and exploring the many paths of peace.

Eighty-eight artists from thirty countries  are contributing new and disarming works of art to the Missing Peace.

Inspired by the Dalai Lama, the artworks present diverse “portraits” of human capacities for compassion , non-violence, empathy, patience, courage, restraint, and  responsibility.

“We must make this new century a century of peace and dialogue.” – the Dalai Lama

The Missing Peace will touch millions and give people the opportunity to think about, talk about, experience, and create peace.

The multi-year journey of the exhibition opened at UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, Los Angeles, in June, 2006. Next stops include: The Loyola University Museum of Art  (LUMA) in Chicago, October 28-January 15, 2007 and the Rubin Museum of Arts (RMA)  and school of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City, March 3-September 4, 2007. The tour is expected to go to more than ten major cities of the world.

The K -12 Missing Peace curricula will engage school children around the world in discussions about peace and ethics.

Become a partner in peace. Visit

The Missing Peace is a collaborative project of the Committee of 100 For Tibet and the Dalai Lama Foundation.  If you are interested in purchasing a work of art from The Missing Peace to support the journey, please contact:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Panda Wear Holiday Shows

11/06   RAPA East End Theater
727 East Main Street        Noon - 6PM
Admission Fee

11/13   Hilton Music Boosters Show
Merton Williams Middle School   
200 School Lane   9AM - 4PM
Free  Admission

11/20   Paychex Fall Arts & Craft Show
1175 John St in Henrietta   10AM - 3PM
Free  Admission

Special orders welcome   (585) 747-8494
My ETSY shop:
Unique jewelry designs at affordable prices!

Kim Pandina
Panda Wear

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Shoe Factory Art Co-op premiere art show

You are cordially invited to attend
The Shoe Factory Art Co-op's premiere art show!

Celebrate Rochester’s shoe manufacturing history through art!

Our kickoff exhibition features footwear inspired artwork
created by distinguished Rochester regional artists!
Paintings, sculpture, photography, and more!

Featuring live “sole” music and spoken word.

Most artwork will be available for purchase.
Artists and guests are encouraged to wear their favorite footwear!

Located in the former E.P. Reed shoe factory.
When:  First Friday, November 5th 6pm-10pm
Where:  The Shoe Factory Art Co-op
250 N. Goodman St.
Art Studios 212 & 215 (second floor)
Rochester, NY 14607

For more info visit our website

Sneak Peak of Helen Demay’s
“So Many Shoes, So Little Time”

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rochester Children's Book Festival

Saturday Nov. 6th, 2010 10am-4pm

MCC in the R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Irondequoit Art Club Fall Show and Sale Monday, Nov. 1 at Evans Branch Library

Dear art friends,

We hope you support the 25 local artists in a fabulous fall show
and sale at the Evans Branch Library and leave with a lovely treasure
(45 Cooper Road, near the corner of Titus).

It's more than paintings - there's seasonal floral pieces perfect for
the door or table, unique gift baskets, jewelry, hand-made aprons
and scarves, artists' cards, and more.  All items are made by local
artists and reasonably priced.

The show runs one week, November 1-5, Mon-Fri, generally during
library hours (see below).

Monday,   10 a.m. to 8:45 p.m.
Tuesday,  10 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
Wed.,      10 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
Thurs.,    10 a.m. to 8:45 p.m.
Fri.,        10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Thank you,

Sally Steinwachs

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

17th Annual Landmark Society's GHOST WALK

Dave Boyer, past ABG facilitator, is inviting all ABGers to be part of the 17th Annual Landmark Society's GHOST WALK.  Final nights are this coming Friday and Saturday from 6:15 PM to closing the doors to join a tour at 9:00 PM.

Tickets are still available at Parkleigh and easily on line at:

This fun event was spearheaded by Cindy & David Boyer, partnering with the Landmark Society staff and dozens of volunteers. Mary and Mike Krickmire round up a select group of talented actors.  And this year, musicians from the Eastman School of Music Organ Society will play live spooky music brilliantly.  It is an amazing way to combine part of the Landmark Society's mission statement to share local history, with fun and fundraising that covers a nine county area of community service.  See you there!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Speaker Susan Ferrari Rowley Tuesday Oct 26th

Come out and Join us for this special speaker!!

The simplicity of the forms created by Ferrari Rowley, elicit a time/space phenomenology concerning human relationships. Form exists as meaning with lines, planes, and volume integrating via translucency, light and shadow. Paradoxes reside in our perception of interiors and exteriors, and the yielding v. non-yielding materials

 Highway wall - Susan Ferrari Rowley


Susan Rowley is a local sculpture and artists with many accomplishments.

She will share her work and talk about three dimensional art.
Image City Photography Gallery

Inspiration & Transformation
Exhibit by JFK/AJVK, Richard Harvey, & Betsy Phillips
Current Show Runs Through Sunday, October 31

Gallery Partner Betsy Phillips and featured Guest Photographers JFK/AJVK and Richard Harvey have produced an exhibit with a non-traditional approach that certainly grabs our attention. With his exhibit in the East Gallery, Joseph Sorrentino continues to impress with his photographic journeys in Mexico.

Guest photographers also in the show are Lynda EA Campbell, David Kotok, Thomas McGlynn, and Louis Snitkoff, who joins us from Albany. Award-winning photographs from Camera Rochester competitions are in an exhibition by club members Sue Alden, Steve Malloy-Desormeaux, Mike Edwards, Lynda Howland, Sheila Nelson, and John Williamson. Rounding out the exhibit are Artists-in-Residence Jim Patton and David Perlman and Gallery Partners Daniel P. Crozet, Joel Krenis, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Philips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, Sheridan Vincent, and George Wallace.

For full details of the show  click here -- where you will find a link for our Preview of the Show and also the Peter's Picks link. There is no admission fee to visit Image City.

Monday, October 18, 2010

ROS 65th Anniversary Concert

Sunday, October 17, 2010


will be opening November 5, 2010.

We are currently looking for artists who would like to submit
painting(s) and/or art creation(s) that say "REGGAE" at our opening.
It can be a painting of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, or any
Reggae Musician... it can be a painting of Lion of Judah...
Maybe a beautiful landscape with blowing trees and blue skys...
whatever comes to you when you hear the word REGGAE:)

Look forward to hearing from you...

Please contact us as soon as possible if interested in being a part of
this opening. We would like to have all submissions by October 29, 2010.

One Love,
Reply to:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 Visions

You are cordially invited to an open reception
for the new art exhibit of the work of:

Marie Starr
        Till Fritzsching
                Richard Lacey

October 16, 2010, 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
at Books, ETC.
78 W. Main St.
Macedon NY 14502

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dick Byer's Sculpture & Statement

Photo: "Portrait of the Artist"
copyright 2010 by David Boyer

Calling All RoCo Members - Artworks Due Nov. 14

20th Annual Members Exhibition!
Save the Dates:

Artwork Drop-off: Nov. 12, 13 & 14, 12-6pm
Members Only Preview: Dec. 2, 6-8pm
     15% off any artwork purchase
First Friday: Dec. 3, 6-10pm
Opening Reception: Dec. 4, 6-10pm
Food Is Art: Dec. 9, 6-8pm
     Taste what Rochester's finest culinary artists      are up to.
(only 80 tickets available!)
Artwork Pick-up: Jan. 9, 5-7pm,
     Jan. 10-12, 1-6pm
Closed to the public for Holidays:
     Dec. 24 - Dec 28, Dec 31 - Jan 1
Arena Art Group 60th Anniversary Virtual Exhibition: Jan 13, 6 - 9pm,
Jan 14, 6 - 10pm

Each year Rochester Contemporary Art Center welcomes all current
members to show their artwork. Over 250 artists participated in last
year's Members Exhibition!

Any current member may enter one artwork. All media are accepted for
this exhibition including 2D, 3D, traditional and non-traditional
media. Please call before November 1 to make arrangements for
performance art and electronic media. Each artist is limited to one
piece maximum 36" x 36" (any dimension). Artists may join or renew
their membership at the time of drop-off. Join online here.

Bleu Cease
Executive Director / Curator
Rochester Contemporary Art Center
137 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14604

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Check out my entry


I just submitted an entry to the Snap Local. Snap Fresh. Photo Contest and would be really grateful if you'd check out my entry.
It's a photo contest focusing on farmers, farm markets, produce, etc.
Only one entry per person, so here's mine. You can view my entry at:


margaret miyake

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rare Italian Baroque Organ

Renowned Artists Mark 5th Anniversary

This fall, the Eastman School of Music Organ Department commemorates five years since a stunning 18th century Italian baroque organ was installed in the Memorial Art Gallery.

Since its installation, the beautiful authentic sounds of the organ have been heard by thousands of people who have come to the weekly Sunday mini-recitals or the special Organ Showcase Concerts by internationally known guest artists and Eastman musicians. The only full-sized Italian baroque organ in North America, the organ provides a unique opportunity to hear 18th-century organ music as its composers envisioned it.

"The instrument is a living, breathing, singing work of art," said David Higgs, chair of Eastman's organ department. "It is one of the oldest organs now in America, and its sound has a profound effect on the musical sensibilities of those who hear it."

The organ was built around 1770 in central Italy by an anonymous artisan. Its lavishly ornamented, carved, and gilded 22-foot tall case links the instrument to the Italian court culture of the Tuscany or Naples region. Each side of the case features a 10-foot high painting of a vase of flowers. The crown ornament is adorned with an unusual motif depicting St. Andrew. Boasting 600 pipes, the masterpiece is as much a feast for the eyes as for the ears.

Sunday, Oct. 17
Celebrating 5 Years with the Italian Baroque Organ. Eastman School of Music faculty performers David Higgs and William Porter, and students Chelsea Barton, Anne Lam, and Shinon Nakagawa
5:30 p.m. 

Sunday, Nov. 14
Celebrating 5 Years with the Italian Baroque Organ. Edoardo Bellotti, organ; Harry van der Kamp, bass, and Veronika Skuplik and Bjarte Eike, violins.
7:30 p.m.  

Sunday, Dec. 19
Celebrating 5 Years with the Italian Baroque Organ. Festive vocal and instrumental music for the holiday season by Eastman School of Music faculty member Ulrika Davidsson and students.
5:30 p.m.

All Performances
Memorial Art Gallery, 500 University Ave.
Tickets: $10/$7 students, available from the RPO box office or at the door by cash or check.

For more information, see the listings at

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Art of Compassion

Friday, September 24, 2010

Art Studio Space

Good day friends,

I hope this finds you well.  I have returned from a long sojourn back to Roc, as of Friday. I now find I am searching for an additional room mate at my studio at Anderson Alley. The 3 of us would share 600 sq. ft. (200 per person), the rent would be approximately $185 a month.  Kathleen is a pastel landscape painter and I will do mixed media.  My huge table will be disassembled to offer a new type of creative space.  Please spread the word.  I need to make changes soon in the studio or give it up.

Call me to discuss. 585-473-6988 or email:


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pegasus Early Music October 1 and 3, 2010

Pegasus Early Music
An English Treasury


An English Treasury
Laura Heimes, soprano, 
and Deborah Fox, lutes
October 1 and 3, 2010

Please join us for the first concert of our 6th season!  Soprano Laura Heimes, a long-time Rochester audience favorite, will team up with Pegasus Early Music Artistic Director and lutenist Deborah Fox for An English Treasury, featuring English lute songs from the 16th and 17th centuries.  From the love songs of John Dowland to the timeless works of Henry Purcell, our program will explore the colorful variety of English lute songs.  Included will be a song attributed to Queen Anne Boleyn, written as she waited for her beheading; a set of songs from Shakespeare plays; and songs by Nicholas Lanier, lutenist and gentleman art dealer.

The concerts take place in two venues, both perfect for the intimate spell of a song recital.  Friday night's concert will be held in the familiar and evocative wood-paneled salon in the Academy of Medicine will be the venue for Friday night.  Sunday's concert will take place in an exciting new venue, at the Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School.  You are sure to enjoy the warm, lively acoustics of this beautiful stone and stained-glass chapel. 

Friday, October 1, 2010, 8pm
Pre-concert talk at 7:15pm
Rochester Academy of Medicine
1441 East Avenue, Rochester, 14610

Sunday, October 3, 2010, 4pm
Pre-concert talk at 3:15pm
Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School Chapel
1100 S. Goodman Street, Rochester 14620

Further information: 703-3990 or

Click here to buy tickets now!
Patron $55; General $25; Senior $20; Student $15 
(Patron tickets include Preferred Seating and a tax-deductible donation to Pegasus Early Music)
Series subscriptions also available.
Tickets available at 703-3990, Parkleigh, or

Laura Heimes, soprano, is a native of Rochester, and attended local schools and SUNY Geneseo. Well-known for her many appearances in Rochester with Pegasus Early Music, Publick Musick, GEMS, and the Rochester Chamber Orchestra, she has also collaborated with many of the leading figures in early music, including Andrew Lawrence King, Julianne Baird, Tempesta di Mare, The King's Noyse, Paul O'Dette, Chatham Baroque, Apollo's Fire, The New York Collegium, Brandywine Baroque, Trinity Consort, and Piffaro - The Renaissance Band, a group with whom she has toured the United States.  She has been heard at the Boston, Connecticut and Indianapolis Early Music Festivals, at the Oregon and Philadelphia Bach Festivals under the baton of Helmuth Rilling, at the Carmel Bach Festival under Bruno Weil, and in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil in concerts of Bach and Handel.

Deborah Fox, lutenist, is the Artistic Director of Pegasus Early Music, and maintains an active free-lance career, performing as chamber musician and opera continuo. She has performed with many of the major baroque ensembles and festivals in the US and Canada, with trips to Europe and Australia as well.

This concert is made possible
with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency,
by  the Gouvernet Arts Fund at the Community Foundation,
and by our generous donors.

Pegasus Early Music
Deborah Fox, Artistic Director
211 Cobbs Hill Drive
Rochester, NY 14610
Pegasus Early Music is a 501c3 non-profit arts organization

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rochester Art Supply Trade Show2010

Note: double-clicking on an image may give you a larger view.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Empire State College Exhibit

Thursday, September 16, 2010

From Steve Barley

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted that Jeno Horvath asked me to be a guest at your meeting.  Your artistic diversity, your mastery of your disciplines, and your welcoming attitudes amazed me.  Thank you so much for a good time, and for the promise of more good times ahead.  Jeno has been my colleague for years.  My wife, Joyce, and I have many of his works of photographic art in our home, so we are able to enjoy his expressions whenever we please.

My forms of expression in verbal arts have included writing for Eastman Kodak Company, Xerox Corporation, and other companies. If any members of ABG wish to have me cooperate in their ventures, I shall be glad to give it my best.

I look forward to being with you Tuesdays. 


sd barley

Monday, September 13, 2010

Genesee Center for the Arts & Education

Coming up - This Friday!

Are you a ceramic artist and you spend most of your time in the pottery studio? Or maybe you're a photographer who spends hours developing in one of our darkrooms. Well, if you've ever wondered what the other parts of the Arts Center look like, here's your chance. We have not one, not two, but THREE opening receptions on ONE night!

The entire building will be bustling with artists and art-appreciators alike as all of our program areas host opening receptions. Grab a glass of wine and wander through our three exhibits.

Friday, September 17, 7-9 pm
(History in the Making begins at 6pm)
Genesee Center for the Arts & Education

History in the Making
Firehouse Gallery at Genesee Pottery
 The History in the Making exhibit showcases contemporary ceramic work from all across the country. Juried by Peter Beasecker from Syracuse University, this show attracts the top ceramicists in the field.
 *Piece in photo by Sean O'Connell

Roy Sowers: A Retrospective
Printing & Book Arts Gallery
Roy is the assistant in our Printing & Book Arts program. Photographic and other mixed media pieces from his career will be displayed.

Original Stain: New Alternative Imaging
Community Darkroom Gallery

The description 'alternative processes' covershistorical or commercially abandoned ways of creating imagery used by artists and photographers today.

Featuring works by Susan Anderson, Michael Bartolotta, Jenn Libby, Michael Leonard, Tammie Malarich, Jen Perena, Terri Sipone, Monika Ueffinger.

*Photo by Jenn Libby

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

pARTners Art Mentoring Program Exhibit

The pARTners Art Mentoring program pairs professional artists one-on-one with
artists with developmental disabilities in a studio setting.  The art pairs
work together for six weeks creating art and learning new techniques while
also learning about each other.  The program recently completed its third year
and we will celebrate its conclusion with an exhibit at Garden Café Gallery
in the Pieters Family Life Center.  We hope you’ll join us for this special

pARTners exhibit
The Garden Café Gallery at the Pieters Family Life Center
Opening reception: Friday, October 1st, 6-8pm
Exhibit runs through November 16th

PFLC is located at  1025 Commons Way, Rochester
Phone: 585-487-3500

Friday, September 3, 2010

Asian Brush Painting & Calligraphy with Dr. Alice Chen

Asian Brush Painting
& Calligraphy
with Dr. Alice Chen

Tuesday, Sept. 7 @ 7 pm

Explore Asian painting and calligraphy,
and learn about Eastern art traditions.
Alice Chen, a faculty member of the Creative Workshop at the
Memorial Art Gallery,
will demonstrate brush painting and show examples of her original artwork. Get hands-on experience and have fun trying your hand with Chinese brushes, ink, & paints on rice paper.

Registration is required.

Sponsored by the Friends of BML
Brighton Memorial Library
2300 Elmwood Avenue
Voice (585) 784-5300; TDD (585) 784-5302

Sunday, August 29, 2010


In conjunction with the Annual Art Show, NYFSG is also hosting:
“A Figure In Time”

Sunday, September 12, 2010 3PM ‐6PM
Steve Carpenter Gallery & Art Center

The event will illustrate the skill, talent and vision of six New York Figure Study Guild members as they begin the process of capturing the essence and figurative beauty of one live model in a brief three hour period in front of a live audience.

The Sunday Six demonstrating artists include: Richard Burandt, Loree Harpole, Andrea Sands,
Kevin Feary, Andrea Pettito, John Wiesenthal. Alternates: Steven Harkola and Tong Wang
Information on the Sunday Six, along with illustrations of their work, can be found on the NYFSG website under Member Gallery on their individual guild pages.

SHOW GALLERY HOURS: September 11 ‐ 17    1‐4PM
Daily Thru Oct. 8 (by appointment 585‐758‐1410)
Steve Carpenter Gallery & Art Center
176 Anderson Ave    Rochester, NY 14607    Studio: 585‐758‐0410

Please see for details Admission is free and open to the public for both events

MEDIA CONTACT(s): Rick Muto, NYFSG President Cell # 585‐732‐4127 Studio # 585‐232‐6030 x24    Email: Kevin Feary, Show Chair Cell: # 585‐356‐2821    Email:


The New York Figure Study Guild is unique to the Rochester area providing a rich environment for study, mentoring and dialogue for all skill levels.

The New York Figure Study Guild Art Exhibition

Rochester, New York, August 23, 2010 – The New York Figure Study Guild will be hosting its third Annual Art Exhibition Opening Reception on Friday, September 10 from 7PM‐10 PM at the Steve Carpenter Gallery and Art Center at 176 Anderson Avenue in the Neighborhood of the Arts.

The Art Exhibition, noted especially for its awe inspiring collection of original figurative works, gives homage to the human form in a variety of media created by over 70 of its members and Rochester’s most talented figure painters, photographers and sculptors.

The show will run through September 17 with Gallery Hours of 1PM‐4PM daily
beginning September 11.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

High Falls Fine Art Gallery

"Contrast" Exhibit

Opening Reception:
Sunday 26 September 2010, 3-6 pm

Show Dates 22 September to 5 November, 2010

The Center at High Falls Visitor Center
60 Browns Race
Rochester, New York 14614-1005
Telephone: (585) 325-2030


You are cordially invited to:


art exhibit this weekend at Betlem~Divers Studio,
6414 S Lima Rd. Livonia, NY
Saturday 2-7 PM, Sunday noon-5.

Please come to see the solo show of my work held in Florida earlier this year.

Musician friends - bring your instruments and get creative on the deck in this perfect weather with others.

Everyone - come enjoy the art, friendship, goodies, gardens and all!

Hope to see you!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

ABG art pieces pickup from B&L Giesen Gallery 8/27/2010

Anyone who has worked displayed at the B&L Giesen Gallery need to pick up your pieces on Friday 08/27/2010 between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.. Judith offered to pick up work for anyone who is unable to pick up on Friday.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tuesday Aug. 24

Hi all,

"What makes a good piece of art?"
The theme was raised by Judith last Tuesday. Let's try and answer it the best we can from our points of view (we are all beholders after all, aren't we? ;o) ).

Think of what the question also raise:
    - there can be some "bad" piece of art (otherwise why use "good" in front of "piece of art?). If you agree that there can be "bad" and "good" art, try to think of examples of what you would call bad art and of the reasons why it is so for you? Sometimes trying to define opposites helps define their contrary: defining bad art may help us understand what "good art" is.   
    - some may disagree on the use or bad or good art, thinking "good" in front of "art" is redundant and that "bad" art may not be art at all... and then we are left with the recurring question (guess which one?  ;o)  ), simply...

...what is "art"?

It could be a good idea to come to Tuesday's meeting with your own definition of art (not just one from the top of our heads at the last minute which may end up with our repeating the eternal same vague clichés).

Food for the week-end,


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fall Photography Classes At Community Darkroom


     Enjoy a wide array of photography classes starting September 14th at Community Darkroom, a program of Genesee Center for the Arts and Education at 713 Monroe Ave. Classes range from beginners through advanced, using traditional, digital, and historical processes.

    Learn to use your new camera or enhance your current photography skills from the fine craft of  black and white darkroom printing to digital applications. Identify your photographic interests. Choose a class in sports, wedding, Photoshop, landscape, studio lighting and more! Take your photography to the next level and develop your visual take on the world.

    Registrations are being accepted  now.  Fees range from $45-$195 depending on the length of the class. These class fees are further discounted for members of Genesee Center for the Arts & Education.  Call  271-5920  for a free brochure.  You must pre-register.   All classes are also listed on the Genesee Center's web site:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Marcia Birken-Pieters Gallery Opening

Images of Israel and Jordan: 2010 Photography by Marcia Birken

Sand Dunes of Wadi Rum, Jordan

Location:        Gallery Cafe, Pieters Family Life Center
                               1025 Commons Way Rochester, NY 14623
                             (behind the Double Tree Inn, Jefferson & East Henrietta Rds.)
Exhibition Dates:         August 13th through September 28th
Opening Reception:    Friday, August 13, 2010; 6 - 8 PM in the Gallery Cafe
                    All are welcome!I will be exhibiting with Tim Little in the Gallery Cafe and will display 12 photographs from my March, 2010 trip to Israel, Petra, and the Wadi Rum desert region of Jordan. 
Hope to see you at the opening.

Marcia Birken

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anne Clements - upcoming shows

AAUW Carriage House
494 East Avenue
Rochester NY 14607
"Irish Water"
August 1 to September 1, 2010
Opening: August 6th, 6 to 9 pm

The Rabbit Room at The Mill
61 North Main Street
Honeoye Falls NY 14472
"Ireland, A Stor' (Ireland, My Treasure)"
August 1 to October 1, 2010
Opening: August 5th, 6-8 pm

To contact Anne,
call 585-346-2035 or
send her an email.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Bead Bazaar

International Glass Bead Makers Association    

The Bead Bazaar

Rochester Riverside Convention Center, Downtown Rochester 

open to the public


10am - 5pm

Admission: $5

Monday, July 26, 2010

Reminder - Our Parks show dates.

Drop off 10/20 - 24 Party 12/5 Last View 1/2011 and Pick-up 1/8 - 9/2011m

Sally Winslow will be curating this exhibit at High Falls Gallery. 
Artist just need to show up on drop off date. 
We are sure not all submissions will be used so  ABG participants a heads up.
Sally and her team will make selections. Space is limited so she has to be a bit choosy. 
She does try to give everyone space if possible. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Changing City – Contemporary Photography by Robin Dettman

Link Gallery at City Hall, 30 Church Street, Rochester, NY         
August 3 through September 13, 2010

Opening Reception
August 6, 2010, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The public is welcome.

For more information regarding the Link Gallery at City Hall, contact
Ginna Moseson at 585-325-6669, or Robin Dettman at 585-615-5311.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Marcia Birken and Tim Little

Monday, July 19, 2010

Future Tuesday AM topic

I'm just now thinking about a web site for myself, and feel quite at sea about the best way, or variety of ways, to go about it. How about a sharing on some Tuesday AM meeting about website development/construction, some of the resources available, and pros and cons of having your own vs. being part of an organization's site?
Nancy Rice

Pegasus Early Music 6th Season

Pegasus Early Music
2010-2011 Concert Series

October 1 and 3, 2010
An English Treasury
Laura Heimes, soprano, and Deborah Fox, lutes

There is nothing quite as intimate as the English lute song, the perfect pairing of text and melody. Our favorite soprano Laura Heimes teams up with Pegasus Artistic Director and lutenist Deborah Fox for an enchanting program of musical gems for voice and lute from Dowland to Purcell. 
Friday, October 1, 2010, 8 pm. Rochester Academy of Medicine, 1440 East Avenue
Sunday, October 3, 2010, 4 pm. New Venue! Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School Chapel, 1100 S. Goodman St.
Pre-concert talk 45 minutes before each concert.

November 20 and 21, 2010
Elizabeth Wallfisch, violin, with
Rachel Evans and Boel Gidholm, violins/viola; Christopher Haritatos, cello; Deborah Fox, theorbo and guitar; Michael Beattie, organ and harpsichord

Libby Wallfisch wowed us all last season, and returns by popular demand with an exciting ensemble program for strings, lute, and keyboard. We will highlight the brilliant and engaging musical ground bass forms of passacalle, chaconne, and follias from several countries-dance rhythms, improvisation, and virtuosity!  Music by Purcell, Vivaldi, Biber, and others.
Saturday, November 20, 2010, 7:30pm. New Venue! St. John's Episcopal Church, 183 N. Main St, Canandaigua
Sunday, November 21, 2010, 4pm. Downtown Presbyterian Church, 121 N. Fitzhugh St, Rochester.  Presented with Downtown Arts Link.
Pre-concert talk 45 minutes before each concert. 

February 6, 2011
Daniell's Jigge
Paul O'Dette, lute

Pegasus celebrates our own local musical icon and world-renowned Grammy nominated celebrity in a rare hometown appearance. This generation's "clearest case of genius ever to touch his instrument" (Toronto Globe & Mail) will perform music of John Dowland and Daniel Bachelar, two distinctive musical personalities representing the pinnacle of the art of lute playing in Shakespeare's England.
Sunday, February 6, 2011, 4pm. Downtown Presbyterian Church, 121 N. Fitzhugh St.
Pre-concert talk at 3:15pm
Presented with Downtown Arts Link.

March 27, 2011
Laura Heimes, soprano; José Lemos, countertenor;
Julie Andrijeski, baroque dancer
and an orchestra of strings and winds led by Scott Metcalfe, violin

An all-Handel program! We are proud to present Handel's opera-ballet Terpsicore, newly reconstructed by dancer Julie Andrijeski, as well as fabulous virtuoso arias and duets from Handel operas, and orchestral music. A collaboration with NYS Baroque.
Sunday, March 27, 2011, 4 pm.  New venue! Hochstein Performance Hall, 50 N. Plymouth Ave. 
Pre-concert talk at 3:15pm.


Series Subscriptions (4 concerts):
Patron (includes Preferred Seating and $50 tax-deductible donation): $165
General: $95
Senior (65+): $75
Student: $50

Individual Tickets:
Patron (includes Preferred Seating and $25 tax-deductible donation): $55
General: $25
Senior (65+): $20
Student: $15

For more information, please call (585) 703-3990, or
visit our website,

Pegasus Early Music
Deborah Fox, Artistic Director
211 Cobbs Hill Drive
Rochester, NY 14610
(585) 703-3990

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"5th Anniversary Show"- at Image City Photography Gallery

 Image City Photography Gallery
5th Anniversary Show

Dear Friends of Image City Photography Gallery,
Image City Photography Gallery is marking its 5th Anniversary with a special exhibit of photography by Gallery Partners and Special Guests. Please make a point of  visiting this special show.
The 5th Anniversary Show will feature the work of Bill Bernbeck, Daniel P. Crozet, JFK/AJVK, Joel Krenis, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Peter Marr, Don Menges, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Phillips, John C. Solberg, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, Sheridan Vincent, and George Wallace. Jim Patton and David Perlman are featured in the East Gallery. Guest photographers include Kim Denman, Helen Ellis, James Trenton Francis, Donita Painter, and Lou Ryen as well as award winning photographs by members of the Camera Rochester photography club.
There are two special events for the 5th Anniversary Show. Firstly, during the opening reception on Friday, July 16 all photographs priced at $100 or more can be purchased with a 20% discount -- a special incentive to buy for the special exhibit. The discount is only taken between 5 and 8:30 pm on July 16.
The second special aspect is that during the 5th Anniversary Show the Gallery will forgo its commissions on all sales to allow each of the exhibiting artists to donate the equivalent amount to Quad A for Kids. Quad A for Kids offers programs for Rochester's urban youth outside the normal school hours in a safe environment with caring adults. To learn more about Quad A for Kids click here.
Click Here  to see our website listing and link to a preview of a selection of images in the show.
The exhibit opens on July 14 and the Artists' Reception will be on Friday, July 16  from 5 to 8:30pm. The reception is a great opportunity to view the work,  to chat with the photographers, and to invest in their fine photographs and take advantage of the special 20% discount during the reception. There is NO admission fee to visit Image City Photography Gallery. 
The 5th Anniversay Show is the 65th show that we have produced at the Gallery. We especially appreciate the patrons and photographers who have supported the gallery over the past five years. Thank you very much. We look forward to your continued support and involvement .
Note that First Friday Gallery Night is on August 6 from 6 to 9pm.
July 14 - August 8, 2010
Artists' Reception
July 16, Friday, 5 - 8:30 pm 
 Gallery Hours
 Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 7 and Sunday 12 - 4
There is NO admission fee at Image City
 For more information:  phone 585.271.2540
722 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607
in the heart of ARTWalk 
in the Neighborhood of the Arts

Friday, July 9, 2010

"Visions of Bausch & Lomb" opening

A real success despite the thunderstorm!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Workshops at Oatka School of Glass

Please check out our upcoming workshops at Oatka School of Glass in Batavia, NY.  Amanda & Lance Taylor would love to show you around our facility. Classes and workshops at Oatka are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact us if you would like to register or have any questions at or 585-230-7626.   


We will be posting our Fall/Winter 2010 Class schedule online July 15, 2010 as well as our Winter/Spring/Summer 2010/2011 visiting artist class schedule.



Please join us for 2 new glass bead making workshops that will be taught by Eunsuh Choi
Both classes will be a 4-hours long from 10am to 2pm – Cost $140.00 which includes all glass and use of tools.
Intermediate Bead Making
July 20, August 10, or September 7, 2010.
Advanced Bead Making
July 22, August 12, or September 9, 2010.



with Kari Minnick
July 16-19, 2010 Friday to Monday
10:00 am – 5:00 pm each day

Skill level: Open to the beginning through advanced student. This class will be of interest to artists such as printmakers, painters, poets, or anyone for whom imagery, layering and personal expression are desired elements.
Tuition: $850 – Deposit $425 – Includes lunch each day and all materials
Explore the narrative and painterly potential of kilnformed glass.
Working with Bullseye glass, frit, powder, and stringer, students will create pre-fired design elements to be used in subsequent glass projects, combined with other glass techniques and/or adapted to other media. Stenciling, sifting and sgrafitto with powders are some of the processes to be covered. Opacity, transparency, and design concepts will also be considered. Students will combine these kilnforming processes in a final project.