Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mike Hammer greets the winter holidays, or "A Fist Full of Snow", part 9

9 of 10     Exiting at Gun Hill Rd., they  went aways then turned into the burger joint’s parking lot.  The two overhead neon street lights were white like the little building.   It happened fast.   A .32 automatic snapped twice, a third time.  He leapt from the car seat, but it was over.  He couldn’t help the tear.

                                                          (c) 2010 J.B. Fletcher

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  1. As an answer to a request that was made this morning: the latest retrospective book on André Kertész published by the Jeu de Paume is simply titled: "Kertész".
    360 pages, well-documented and illustrated, for the first time showing reproduction of Kertész's publications in the weekly illustrated press of the 1930s, with an extensive biography and bibliography. I just got mine in English from amazon.com.
    ["Le Jeu de Paume" is the name of the National Center for Photography in Paris]