Friday, December 17, 2010

Mike Hammer greets the winter holidays, or "A Fist Full of Snow", parts 6 & 7

6 of  9   She didn’t come by often, but when she did, Hammer had a soft spot for helping.  Sure she could borrow his wheels for a weekend in Pocantico Hills.  He preferred the city sidewalks  anyway, and had black tie plans for the evening at the Metropolitan Club. 

7 of 9    From his winter coat  by the door, he tossed her the keys to the Sky Hawk.  He preferred its nimbleness to the front-heavy Golden Hawk.  “The tank’s full.  Be good to me, babe.  Be good to me.”  She ran her hand down his sleeve, gave him a wink & his hand a soft squeeze.  A key dropped to the floor.

                                                                        (c)  2010  J.B. Fletcher, as always ;-)

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