Thursday, January 6, 2011

ABG at the Williams Gallery this year


Preliminary Info:
Hanging the exhibit - Wednesday, June 22, 9am - 2pm
Opening reception - Friday, June 24 - hours to be determined by ABG
Taking down the exhibit - Tuesday, August 23 9am - 12pm

The exhibiting fee will be $15/person, and we'll probably be able to hang two or three works per artist.

Our exhibit will be titled "Time and Place"


  1. ABGers, show by a former member:

    Parallel Perspectives: 11 Views
    The Gallery at the
    277 N. Goodman Street
    Rochester, NY 14607
    For more information, call 585-473-4000
    Opening Reception
    Friday January 7, 5 - 8 PM
    Exhibit Open to the Public
    January 6 - January 27, 2010
    Gallery Hours
    Monday – Friday, 10 – 4 PM

    Sent by Kitty Jospe
    [I had passed it along to be posted 2 days ago but I have not seen it yet]

    Event One -- Saturday 1/8 : 3-10 -- Writers and Books, University Ave.
    If you like poetry, I hope you will consider attending the Writers and
    Books' open house on Saturday which is celebrating their 30th anniversary.

    Poetry, Potluck and Pinot !
    This is free, and marks the kick-off for celebrating 30 years of W&B, and if
    the spirit moves, bring a dish to pass or a bottle of Pinot (noir, grigio,
    gris, etc.) in a sharing poetry, food and wine.
    Invite your friends – the more, the merrier.
    Here is the current schedule for readings: (more poets are being added all
    the time)
    4 p.m.: M.J. Iuppa, Sally Bittner-Bonn, Michael Czarnecki, Linda Allardt
    5 p.m.: Jim Longenbach, David Michael Nixon, Donna Marbach, Wanda Schubmehl
    6 p.m.: Kitty Jospe, Wendy Low, Anne Coon, Vincent Golphin
    7 p.m.: Pat Schwartz, Sam Abrams, Sarah Freligh, Karen VanMeenen, Norm
    8 p.m.: John Roche, Aaron Fagan, Charles Cote
    9 p.m.: Henry Padron, Rick Petrie

    Event Two: Saturday 1/15: 2-3:30, Pittsford Community Library
    Come for a free presentation by Miriam Lerner of the video, she and Don
    Feigel of RIT directed, "The Heart of the Hydrogen Jukebox". You might have
    heard me explain one of the episodes of Ginsberg reading "Howl" to deaf
    students and asking how the interpreter signed "Heart of Hydrogen Jukebox"
    -- and how the intricacies of translation go beyond signs into total body
    gesture. Only 6% of a message comes from actual words -- and this film and
    Miriam's talk will provide a variety of performance and literary styles of
    Free, and followed by refreshments, so the library asks that you rsvp -- or
    let me know, as I arranged for the event.